Saturday, 23 February 2013

Attending the US Embassy

On the morning of our interview at the US Embassy we both got up at 6:30. Our appointment wasn't until 8:30 so this left plenty of time for us to get a good breakfast inside us. We didn't know how long we would be in there so filling our stomachs was important. 

US Embassy, London

We arrived outside the Embassy at around  8:15 to an already fairly large queue. As we took our place at the back of the line we saw people leaving to go and store their phones in a nearby newsagents. Luckily we were informed that no mobile phones or other electronic equipment would be allowed inside and stored all our valuables back in the safe at the hotel. 

US Embassy, London

The wait outside wasn't too long, they seemed to want to get people in quickly which was good as it was raining a bit. We went through security and followed the Visa signs up to yet another waiting room. Here we were given a ticket number and told to wait until our number is called. 
Surprisingly we didn't have to wait long and within 10 minutes of sitting down the electronic system called out our number and we hurried over to our window. 

At this first window it was really just checking all the documents and passports, making sure that everything was there and also taking our fingerprints (Paul had told me to be extra careful as they will send you away if you have a cut on your finger). 
We were given a form to fill out and told to wait again until our number was called. This time it would be for the interview and we were told that even though the interview may only last 15 minutes we could be waiting for over and hour. 
That being the case I went and got myself a cup of tea, as you do. 

About 15 minutes later our number was called again and that's when the nerves kicked in. What if they say no? What if we were missing something? 
I didn't have time to worry too much though as before we knew it we were stood in front of a man who was asking us questions. 
How old is your daughter?
When were you married?
What is your job?
Where will you be going? 
Paul did brilliantly and answered every question confidently even though I could see how nervous he was. And that's when the man behind the window said "I'm going to go ahead and approve this for you". 

With that short sentence our interview was over and the rest of our lives were beginning. 

I can't believe how quick it all was. After being told that it could take hours we were so surprised when we were out by 9:30. That meant we had the rest of the day to see more of London. 

US Embassy, London


  1. That cut on your finger thing is weird haha, so happy for you xx

  2. Awww yay!! That is amazing! So lucky! the USA would be the one place I would move to! that was fab it was so quick! :D

    Jen xxx

  3. I've started following your blog because I want to end up in the USA one day myself. I'm so happy that your VISA has been approved and I can't wait to keep up with your journey :)