Thursday, 14 February 2013

The story so far...

This is the story of our move from our little mid-terraced home in the heart of a little village called Breaston in the UK over the great Atlantic to St Louis, Missouri. 

My husband, Paul, works for a company whose headquarters are based in the USA. After several trips out there (one where baby and I got to go along too) the decision was made both by the company and ourselves to petition for a work visa so that we could relocate to the USA and Paul could carry on his work there in the headquarters. 

We have just had our Visa approved. 

What does this mean you say? 

Well, following a long wait while our petition went through check after check after check it was finally sent off to be processed in California. A week later we received notice that it had been approved and informed of the next steps we had to take to solidify the decision. 

This includes a trip to the US Embassy in London that we will embark on next Wednesday. 
Luckily Calleigh does not have to be present at the Embassy due to her young age so we have arranged for her to stay with family. 
We have booked a hotel overnight as to avoid a very (very!) early morning drive to London as our appointment is at half past 8. 

I am very much looking forward to our trip and will make sure to update you once we get back. 

Hopefully the decision will be a good one! 


  1. Argh, so exciting!! I'm following you on bloglovin, ive given up on google friend connect lol xx

  2. I love America! Would love to live there one day! I cant wait to read more about this exciting journey!! :) For now I have to make do with holidays to the USA! going next week! cant wait!

    I have never been to St Louis, but heard fab things about the place!! :)

    Jen xxx

  3. Hello I just wanted to say how much I love finding your blog (there's a couple of us British lasses blogging from the US these days) - I'm an expat myself who's been living in the US since November 2011 after relocating so it's always great to find another British blogger now living in America. I can't wait to read some more of your blog and find our who your move goes! If you ever need any advice about moving or finding your feet you can always leave me a message on my blog!