Friday, 19 April 2013

Day Two: Still Travelling

At 6am on Friday morning we caught the bus back to the airport. After checking in we got rid of the mountain of suitcases and made our way to security. 
As Calleigh woke up at 4 she was very tired and fell in to a deep sleep right before. I will tell you one thing, it's not easy trying to manoeuvre your way through security with a sleeping baby in your arms. But we made it and with plenty of time to spare before our flight. 

So we set ourselves down and had a nice breakfast before making our way to our gate. Whilst we were waiting (the plane was delayed a little bit due to broken wiper blades) Calleigh woke up and had a banana for breakfast. 

The flight went well again and before we knew it we touched down at our final destination- 
Our new home- 
St Louis. 

We checked in at the Wildwood hotel and conveniently my Mum's room was right next door to ours. 

We spent the next few days couped up in a hotel room eagerly awaiting our move in date- the 17th of April. 

More to come soon... (when we finally get the Internet in our house!)


  1. Glad it's going well so far :) so jealous of you haha xx

  2. wow. welcome to america!! i just moved from st. louis to chicago about a year ago. let me know if you'd like any recommendations. :)

    1. Thank you :-) Any recommendations would be much appreciated.. It's hard being new to an area where there seems so much to do