Monday, 15 April 2013

Day One: Leaving Day

We left the house on Thursday 11th of April at 6:30am after a sad goodbye to my sister, Lana. 

We somehow managed to squish 4 large suitcases, 1 small suitcase, several large bags, a pushchair, a baby and 3 people into the car. One thing I will say- most uncomfortable ride ever!
Once we arrived at the airport it was all a bit of a rush, it always seems to be that way with Calleigh beans. So we quickly checked in all our luggage and managed to get a quick breakfast and before we knew it we were boarding the plane. 

We waved a little goodbye to England as the plane took off and prepared ourselves for the journey ahead. 
Unfortunately we couldn't get seats together on the plane, so Paul volunteered himself to sit with Calleigh, while I sat and kept the mother company. 
The flight went really well and 7 hours and 20 minutes later we touched down in Newark, New Jersey. 

The flight actually landed 25 minutes late which meant we missed our connecting flight to St Louis- Ahhhh and we were unable to get a direct flight until the next morning- double Ahhhh.
Luckily, the lovely lady at the service desk gave us a complimentary hotel for the night and $120 in meal vouchers. 

We left our bags in the room at the hotel and after freshening up we made our way down to the bar for happy hour, after all, missing your flight and being stuck in an airport hotel is a perfect excuse for a few beers. 

We turned in early that night so by 4am the next morning we were all wide awake getting ready to go back to the airport and start all over again...

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