Sunday, 17 March 2013

Hard Times

It's getting closer to the big move and even though we do not have a set date yet we know it will be sometime in April and that puts a lot of pressure on us both.

On Thursday Paul flew out to St Louis, he will be there for the next two weeks. Mainly to work but also to get everything sorted out for when we move out their with Calleigh. I mean we need somewhere to move to, which means we need to rent a house.
Whilst Paul is busy doing that, I have moved in with my Mum and Sister. Mainly so that I do not get too lonely (and it's always nice for the extra help with Calleigh) but also to make it easier to pack up the house.
Or so I thought...

Calleigh's room turned upside-down
Today I went round to pick up a few bits and move some boxes of our personal stuff somewhere safer, It was not easy. I looked around at the house which looks like someone has just walked in and chucked stuff in the air, tripped over a box, trapped my finger in a draw and struggled to manoeuvre my way around a curious Calleigh. I almost broke into tears right then, luckily my Mum was there with me and convinced me to leave it for now and have a cup of tea.. such words of wisdom.

Paul on the other hand has had much better luck than me and may have even found our future house.
It's a bit more than we wanted to pay but comes fully furnished which eliminates the hassle of manic furniture buying when we get out there.
Hopefully he can seal the deal this week and we can finally start arranging a move date.

I'm hoping to get some more information soon so will let you know what happens..

Until then you will find me knee deep in boxes and Peppa Pig marathons.

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  1. love ya kid, keep at it - it will all be worth it in the end - see you friday.