Friday, 22 March 2013

We Have A House!

It's official Paul has secured us a house! 

It is so beautiful and comes fully furnished, I can really see us settling down in there. 

The owners of the house are actually English and are returning home for two years , I mean if that's not fate then what is. 

Here are a few photos of our future home 

It is such a beautiful home. It really makes me excited for whats to come and I finally feel like this is really happening. Now all we need to do decide on a moving date. Unfortunately even this is posing a problem as neither of us can agree on a date. But I'm sure now that we have the home we will be able to sort something out. 


  1. Oh wow that is amazing!! Congrats :) the house is beautiful! looks like it was definitely fate! its all coming together now! :)

    Jen xxx

  2. Crumbs, what a palace!

    I'm sure the people in your Derbyshire village will be thinking you are getting above your station - but I can also picture your proud Mum (& grandmother) flashing these photos around to anyone who might be the slightest bit interested!

  3. Oh B, I am unbelievably jealous of you and sad that you are leaving but also VERY EXCITED on your behalf - its going to be so awesome for you xxxxxxxx