Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Hopes and Fears

As our move date looms closer and closer (It's looking to be mid April) I thought I would share with you some of the things I am hopeful will come out of this move and some of the things I am most afraid of.
Sort of like the pros and cons.

The good thing about this move is that, as it is an inter-company transfer, Paul is already guaranteed work and a nice pay packet to accompany it. 
We already have a house, which is much much nicer than our current living quarters and I am very excited to move in and start making it into a home for us. 

This is a fresh start for us and an unbelievable opportunity for Calleigh. I believe she will be able to make so much more of herself out there compared to what she can do here. Especially with the current tragic condition of the UK economy.

With lovely hot summers there is so much more to do out there. Just around us there are countless National Parks and Reservations that are free to go to.
And oh the holidays we can go on...
I can't wait to take Calleigh to Disney World, Florida for the first time. And for Paul he really can't wait to explore the West.

One of my main fears is that we will be quite lonely. Everyone tells me we will make friends and I am sure we will, but will they ever be like the friends we have here.
I will miss my family everyday (we are very close) and they will miss Calleigh even more. I know we have the Internet and I have this blog but they will miss out on seeing Calleigh grow day by day.

What if I get too homesick?

What if we can't make it work?

What if I never get used to driving on the wrong side of the road?

The only way I will ever know the answers to these questions is to get out there.

So I am willing to ride this roller coaster.

I just hope the ride isn't too bumpy.


  1. you'll do ok kid - we will all miss you and miss out on the fun of watching your little girl grow up but the opportunity you have been offered isn't to be passed up. do well darling - see you soon xx

  2. It makes me sad that you're worried (though obviously its understandable - I'd be terrified) you'll be great, everyone will love you because you say harry potter funny and drink tea instead of coffee, and theres always blogging/facebook/email to keep you connected to people xx

  3. It's natural to get homesick once you've moved - I know I did but it does get easier but sadly I had to cut a lot of people out of my life (they were really negative about me moving) and you do come to see who your real friends are. I don't really have too many friends - which is a mix of me working for myself and not being overly social but most Americans are typically really friendly and they'll hear your voice and want to know everything about the UK!

    I use to think before I moved that there wouldn't be much differences in culture and so on but there is, and it does take a while getting use to but it's a great journey, you'll get so many new foods to try and places to see and you realize just how big the country is too. Its a shock and a change but it's certainly not one i've come to regret.

  4. It'll be a shock at first but I'm sure you'll get on fine. You have such a nice little home to look forward too! Plus I can be your Canadian friend!